The Issues

Raise Our Minimum Wage!

Philadelphia is long overdue for a study minimum wage increase. We deserve it. We work hard and we pay plenty of taxes whether we‘d like to or not. It’s time! The price of everything has risen twice or more times yet the people’s wages that aren’t part of unions haven’t had a voice to speak out at City Hall and say what about the rest of the people. I’ve been an avid fighter for the fight for $15 campaigns. I’ve been to cities where the minimum wage was 13.25 and still raising, those aren’t cheap cities to live in; the rent, the food, the entertainment and the taxes that follow all raise up to meet the occasion, so proper judgment on how one spends is always necessary. We here in Philadelphia don’t need any more inflation or taxes until after we get serious about working out a livable wage with our city and the common person.  Click the link and sign the petition on the page to increase your states minimum wage.


Our children are our legacy and their education is paramount if they are to become our predecessors. Our teachers need higher wages and more respect. Teaching our young ones is no easy task to undergo. We want our teachers to feel safer in their work environments but bringing guns onto school grounds is certain not the way.

The government is constantly looking for ways to cut funding, programs, and salaries and at the end of the day it is are children whom suffer.   For each child that is allowed to go uneducated, we boast the crime rate by allowing the streets to educate them. I stand for a fair and balanced school budget across the entire U.S. Invest in our Children future; because we can’t predict what will become of our children. By doing this we increase the relevance and opportunities for success in both college-bound and vocational students and stand again single tests that determine a student’s level of performance.

 Human Rights

An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere. Even the youngest members in our society are still picking up the ideology that the color of their skin determines their place in the world. In order for us to bring in tomorrow together we need we cannot turn blind eye to the injustices of our neighbors.  We all need to Fight to end racial discrimination especially in our court systems, it’s not easy being black in America and it’s no secret, advocates and activists are countering the narrative that we’ve moved to a post-racial era. It’s a movement that is standing up for black lives and insists that all of us acknowledge the deep systemic structural racism that exists in our country today .We have a new District Attorney in seat now and I honestly believe Larry Krasner is here to help Philadelphia.

Every life matters! If your religious beliefs, race, sexual orientation, age, sex or disability doesn’t stand in the way of you doing creditable work at your job than you should not you should not be over looked for positions or paid less than your peers. Sexual harassment of any sorts should go unreported to proper authorities.  Also if you’re aware of any human trafficking occurring please report it to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center @ 1-888-373-7888. The sex trade is responsible for missing children and it goes hand in hand with illegal black market organ trade. Look beneath the surface because it’s truly life or death in this case scenario.

Economic Empowerment

As a small business owner, Wanda knows that lower taxes and less regulation helps grow small businesses and creates job opportunities. Wanda will hold quarterly business round-table forums to discuss strategies on how to make Philadelphia more business-friendly, such as better tax credits for people starting businesses in their own community.

Wanda has invested in building better neighborhoods for West Philadelphia, block by block. Her partnerships with community CDC’s, Faith-based organizations, Recreational centers , and other influential community leaders has led to the start of new programs offering  after school programs, public education, expungement clinics  for people with criminal records, and more jobs in the community.

Fair Taxes

Philadelphians are no strangers to new taxes.  Once a new tax is enacted and made law it’s a hassle and a half to make sure funding is properly allotted to expected resources.  Transparency is our respected right when it comes to our tax dollars. Audit our state budget, no more kick backs for looking the other way. Unfortunately it takes much more than protest and petitions to change law. I will fight for more addendums, tax rebates, credits, extensions and future bills to be passed so homeowner have more flexibility on real estate tax in the future.


The Trump administration is already trying to destroy the Affordable Care Act, Title X and Medicaid. Now, HHS’ new rule would give hospitals, doctors, nurses and other health care providers a license to discriminate. It would:

  • Sanction the scores of Catholic hospitals that routinely deny women emergency abortion care and other lifesaving reproductive health services.
  • Shield health providers who refuse to give rape victims emergency contraception.
  • Protect doctors and nurses who provide substandard care to LGBTQ people or refuse to treat them.

Women and LGBTQ people already face stigma as well as financial and geographic barriers when they try to access health care. This new rule would make it even harder for them to get the care they need and allow health care providers to undermine their ability to make decisions about their bodies.

 I would of course vote no in any such health care acts. There’s been a lot of great healthcare plans brought to the forefront then shot down. We all have to play the waiting game till real change comes afoot again.

I give local yearly health drives, but yearly is not nearly enough. With me over in Harrisburg you can rest assured that I’ll make appropriate choices to keeping our local health care centers safe, open and affordable, if not free.


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