Meet Wanda

       Wanda Logan has 25 years of job development experience of bringing beneficial employment opportunities into Philadelphia’s 190th district community.  As an Entrepreneur though; WYL & Associates Employment Services once located in West Philadelphia in the 90’s, The Logan Group Specializing in Restaurant & Retail staffing also located in West Philadelphia in early 2000 and Beacon Recruitment and Staffing.

     Wanda Logan recently received “The Community Hero Award” in 2017 by Pennsylvania Care Associates. She was also recognized for her actions and generosity by the Environmental Defense Fund. She is foremost known for her steadfast support of Philadelphia as a whole.  She’s an avid activist, very aware of the fact and many issues in the 190th neighborhoods from addressing shootings in the community and partnering with the police department to become accountable. In diction to give a helping hand she host several annual functions including  –  * Youth Trips  *  Job Fairs  *  Coat Drives  *  Health fairs  *  Back to school fairs  *  Thanksgiving dinner events  *  Turkey giveaway  &  Multiple Children Holiday parties.


  •    Wanda helped write the state grant that created the CareerLink program & Directed Job Search.
  •  Has partnered alongside 52nd Street CDC, Achievability, Action United , Walnut Hill Association *IDDAY* Moms Against Violence and  Ceasefire PA “ Take a stand against gun violence.”  
  •    West Philadelphia chairwoman of the Philadelphia Democratic Women.
  •    Hosted the show Job Watch on Comcast Cable TV, bringing new and old employers and employment opportunity to the public.
  •    Business owner of a retail shop,France Romance located on 52nd and Walnut of four years .
  •    Helped develop the one stop shop ”Grocer” Plan which was developed to help people start a business make a foundation  then pass it along to help another grow.
  •    Partnered with Penn. Hospital, University of Penn & Lincoln University to expand job availability in the 190th district.
  •     Won grant of $200,000 for a Ready to work program with Partnership Lincoln University.
  •     OVR (Occupational Vocational Rehabilitation) job placement contract helping people with disabilities find employment.
  •    VA Veterans contract placement program.  
  •    Managed three programs under the Greater Affairs Urban Coalition.
  •    Represents Overbrook Plaza as community liaison connecting business information and the community. 
  •    Holds community meetings at John Barry & James Rhode elementary schools. 
  •    Past board member of the West Philadelphia YMCA of 5 years.
  •    Developed a youth program, ‘Awesome Roots’ for young girls, A mentoring, exercise and meal planning program for healthy living. 
  •     Author of the book, The Weight of Heart, The story of her triumph over obesity.



” I’ve been fighting for human rights, fair wages, and equal funding for all schools in the Philadelphia school district for the last seven years and will continue to do so. It’s all long overdue for Philadelphia. “– Wanda Logan


“It seems like I am everywhere trying to do everything but I wish I could do more. The people I help are a minor fraction in comparisons to those I don’t see or those who don’t speak up. That’s why I am running for State Representative of the 190th districts of Pennsylvania to bring an abundance of new opportunities and much needed funding back to our homes, to our neighborhoods.” – Wanda Logan

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