Wanda’s vision to uplift and empower our community begins by locating more grants and funding for public assistance, low-income housing, park & neighborhood beautification, educational programs and detailed workforce trainings that brings bigger, better work opportunities within city limits. Our time is now. Wanda has the tools and the affiliations to bring our entire community into a thriving era. Ms. Logan has dedicated her life’s work to serving the people of Philadelphia because this is her home, this is her heart and she’ll protect it to the end!

     I am Wanda Logan, I am not a servant of politics. I am a servant of doing what’s right. The time has come to elect a state representative in the 190th legislative district that stands for more than just reelection.

        In the upcoming election cycle, we need to reaffirm some core American principles; that truth matters, that the rule of law is more important than political advantage, and that being civil shows strength, not weakness. We need to make policy based on what is right for our state and country, not what plays well in a sound bite or a facebook post. In short, we need to rededicate ourselves to good government at every level. What happens in the Pennsylvania Legislature affects what kind of state we are today and what kind of state we will be 25 years from now.

When elected, I will work for an economically stronger Philadelphia, a safer Philadelphia, a cleaner Philadelphia, a healthier Philadelphia, and a more united Pennsylvania.

How You Can Help

Become Informed!

Attend local hearings and town hall meetings. There are City Hall meetings every Thursday 10:00 AM.  Listen and be heard. It’s where voters are encouraged to voice any questions or concerns.

Click Here – PA General Assembly Info.

Students who are 17 or older have the opportunity to apply as a clerk or a machine inspector thru County Board of Elections. Those appointed will be paid for their time.

Letter Writing Campaigns are effective advocacy tool by which a group of constituents voice their opinions about specific issues. The letters may be directed toward the president, a member of Congress, or a particular government agency. Knowing that reelection depends on the votes of their constituents, Senators and Representatives pay close attention to the mail they receive.


Most Importantly – VOTE!


It’s your right and duty if you seek change.

Click Here – Register to Vote or Claim Absentee Ballot .


Philadelphia is our city.


Let’s move forward in keeping our friends, families and neighbors safe in our community.  People matter, what happens in a neighborhood affects us all in one way or another.  Education is key and a firm foundation.  We can change the direction but this is no one man movement. It really does take a village.

We can’t afford to see another school close or another being prison built.



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